My First Voyage Sailing Solo To Cuba

My sister and some of my followers always asked me to start writing a book about my life, as I have to admit that in the 38 years I lived so far, I do have lots to talk about. But from my side, I’m thinking that no one would read a book about a man they’ve never heard about. People these days don’t read much anymore anyway. I decided to keep a … Read More

Am I Giving Up ?

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I know many of you asked your self this question. Trust me I did too for the past month and a half. Why ? …. Well let me see where can I start from. First of all, you all know I am just a tourist in US, so I can’t work and make money like the other sailors based here do. The only thing I can do it’s to edit videos for … Read More

Jimmy Cornell, A Sailing Legend

When I was little and I was reading about sailing, I discovered a legend that with his sailing adventures around the world managed to cultivate inside my heart the love for sailing. At that time when I first heard about him from other stories, I didn’t know he is also Romanian. Later on when internet world evolved and the information was easier to find I read more about him. On his real … Read More

Dave Welsford And Lizzy Belle

One of the most inspiring stories for me came from Dave Welsford, and his beautiful wooden sailboat Lizzy Belle. I found the little documentary on Vimeo, and it was so inspiring, that made me buy my very first sailboat. If you ever plan on living aboard your boat and cruise, but you can’t decide, I recommend you watch it. How can you not fall in love with Lizzy Belle ? Such a … Read More