My First Voyage Sailing Solo To Cuba

My sister and some of my followers always asked me to start writing a book about my life, as I have to admit that in the 38 years I lived so far, I do have lots to talk about. But from my side, I’m thinking that no one would read a book about a man they’ve never heard about. People these days don’t read much anymore anyway. I decided to keep a … Read More

About Sailing Across The Atlantic Idea

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Let’s start this in a funny way…. So basically, this is a video update to my last video update ( smiles ). Since in the last video I spoke about the really bad times I had lately, and about the fact that I wanted to sell Anastasia and start over with the adventure from Romania… Later on I decided that I can’t do this as I really love the boat and I … Read More

Am I Giving Up ?

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I know many of you asked your self this question. Trust me I did too for the past month and a half. Why ? …. Well let me see where can I start from. First of all, you all know I am just a tourist in US, so I can’t work and make money like the other sailors based here do. The only thing I can do it’s to edit videos for … Read More

Anastasia’s Hurricane Irma Updates

Thanks Luciano for the image of the South Beach marina where Anastasia is anchored. The calm before the storm. As most of my followers already know, I had to return in Romania in order to renew my expiring passport. Talking to my friends these days, I’m thinking if I’m lucky to be here or not. I was initially planning to return to Miami at the end of August. Not being home for … Read More

Live On You Tube 1 ( Memorial Day )

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Time may be a problem now and then, and coming up with new videos is not always possible. Going live on You Tube, seems like an amazing idea. An easy way of keeping the viewers informed with the latest news about my adventures. So I decided to do my very first try. Not so easy to do as saying. I may seem OK on camera in my videos, but I’m not so … Read More

My First Sailing Adventure

I sadly lost most of the photos thanks to an old laptop, together with the video footage. I managed to save a few low resolution ones, from the posts on the social media accounts. I have to admit that, as soon as I moved to Miami, I spent days, looking at the ocean, thinking about my old dreams of sailing blue waters. Of course I thought it’s something crazy, and it will … Read More