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I arrived in Romania in August, and even if I thought I will have lots of free time to upload many travel videos… that didn’t happened at all. The last video I posted was a short travel film about Lake Saint Anna, and nothing after that. I had many people asking around my social media accounts about when will I go back to the boat and add more videos. Well I’m almost there, and this coming weekend on January 14 I’ll be back on the boat.

I was talking in the video about the fact that I will really need an autopilot or a wind vane. I may afford the tiller pilot, but I sure can’t afford a wind vane at this time, even though for solo sailing it’s an essential piece of equipment on a sailboat. I do have a solution at the moment and I will test it out as soon as I can take the boat out. I found a video that made me understand how that could work. Hopefully it will save me until I have the money for a proper wind vane.

Meanwhile I’m actually really excited I finally got my passport, as I was really scared I won’t have it ready on time to fly back to Miami. These past months away from the boat were horrible. I did loved the fact that I have seen my family and friends, made some new amazing friends, but being away from the boat for so long really killed me. Lately I felt like a lion stuck in a cage and I can’t wait to get out. I miss the boat, I miss the ocean, and I really hope I can have the boat ready for cruising as soon as possible, as I’m also tired of being stuck in a marina or an anchorage for so long. Best thoughts for you all and that’s for sticking around.

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  1. Liz
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    The sky is the limit 😉

    • Ciprian Popica
      Ciprian Popica
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      Or even more… Nothing can stop us go beyond the skies either. So true…

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