Three years ago when I decided to buy a boat, I was dreaming for the day I will get to sail out on the open water. An year and a half ago, when I purchased Anastasia, my dream changed. It was now bigger, it was my childhood dream to start sailing around the world. The fact that I started this adventure in a country where I’m not allowed to work, and not in my country… made this adventure start really late, and far from the way I planned.

But I did started it even though, I was very close to give up on this not too long before I started preparing the boat for the first voyage. And mostly because of the financial problems I have. This trip started really bad in my opinion, because of the many issues and problems I had with both the boat and financially.

Since I’m not the kind if guy to give up so easy, instead of selling Anastasia and going back to Romania, I decided to finally made this happen. This was my first voyage, my first solo voyage, and prety much my first for lots of other things when it comes to the bot and sailing. But we made it to Cuba in one piece, both me and the boat.

Unfortunately and sadly, the adventure that I thought it will be amazing, and the video as well along with the blog article I wrote about the trip… ended up as some drama film. At leat that’s how I see it and how I feel. Hopefully everything will take a diferent turn and change in good, as for sure I can’t continue this way.

I’m still happy and excited I finally sailed away after dreaming about it for the past three years in Miami. I hope you will enjoy the video, even if it’s a little sad, and not as I was expecting it to be. Thank you one more time to my family and to all those people that helped me start this voyage, and of course to those continiusly supporting this adventure. This would sure not be possible with ought your support.

If you haven’t read the Blog article I wrote about this, take a look as it has way more details than the video. There is also a PDF version that you can download for offline reading. When I will have some more time and Internet I will also record a pod cast version of it.

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