This first video posted on our You Tube Channel, it’s the reason we have an entire series today. Moving Aboard My First Sailboat, filmed in 2015, when I decided to go and bring the boat to Miami. An adventure planned for about four – five days, that ended up a month of amazing adventures. This was also the reason we started the Sailing Anastasia project as well.

At that time I just moved in Miami, with my old dream of having a sailboat in my mind. So I decided to start searching for a cheap one, that I could fix and sail in weekends. If I only knew at that time that this boat will change my entire life at 180 degrees. I couldn’t find anything online, except a You Tube video that I watched, created by a young Canadian sailor. He sailed with his friend from Canada to Florida in the summer or 2013.

Really impressed about his skills and the sailboat, I decided to leave a comment, explaining that I’m also looking to buy a sailboat and I really love the one he was sailing. The next day he replied back telling me that his sailboat is close to Miami in a boat storage, and is for sale. Excited about his reply, I decided right away to buy his sailboat, a Grampian 26 named Transeau. Since there was also another possible buyer, I had to wait a few more days for his final response. Who knew at that time, that instead of having a weekend sailboat, I will end up moving aboard, because I didn’t.

About two or three weeks later, I found my self packing some clothes and food supplies, getting ready to go pick up the sailboat. Most of my new friends that I made in Miami that didn’t know me so well, were recommending me to hire a captain and have the boat delivered to Miami. But in my mind, I was thinking that if I do such thing, where is the adventure in all that ?

So of course, I decided to go and bring the sailboat on my own. Obviously at that time, I had no clue and I didn’t know a thing about sailboats at all. Except some minimal knowledge from You Tube videos. But full of confidence and positive thinking, I was already on my way to the boat yard. I nearly missed them, as they were about to close, and I would have to wait till the next day in order to have the boat lowered into the water.

Luckily I made it right before the closing time, after a trip also full of adventures. Even though we had a GPS, we still managed to miss an exit on the road, so we ended up going in circle for about 30 min. I can’t forget the part where also the gas light was blinking, and the closest gas station was so far. We managed to reach the gas station right when the engine was about to stop. But who cares ? We made it and we made it on time. So this is how my sailing adventure started. Read more on the blog article about the trip, and of course for now, enjoy our first sailing video.

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