Life aboard a new sailboat, a video that I made thinking that I haven’t posted anything for a while. Trying to show my viewers a day in the life of a liveaboard, I created this episode. Having a new boat also came with many problems and plans as well. Now I had to decide where I will go, and how far I’m planning to sail. That for the reason that the way I will prepare the boat for extensive cruising, had to do with the voyages I was planning on doing. My life aboard the new sailboat, was very relaxing. Even though I had lot’s to do and fix, I felt like I’m in a continuous vacation.

If with the old sailboat I only planned on sailing to Puerto Rico, now I started making plans for very long voyages. I planned on crossing the Atlantic back in Europe at first. That because at that time I haven’t seen my family for about four years. But since I was freshly moved aboard, first I had to make my self comfortable. The boat was there under my neighbor’s supervision. But since no one used the boat, there was a lot of cleaning to do. As soon as I moved aboard, I started an extensive cleaning, trying to get rid of all the usefulness things. That took me about a week or so, not talking about the birds poop from the deck, that I got rid off only after two weeks of deck scrubbing.

After about two weeks of cleaning, my life aboard Anastasia was pretty cool. Swimming every morning a soon as I woke up, enjoying my coffee on deck soon after that, or the tasty breakfast later on, were part of my every morning habits. Trying to experiment a little with the format of my videos, I decided to create one a little different. Thanks to the feedback received on You Tube, I realized that I was just about there. But from a filmmaker’s point of view, I was still not happy enough with the format or the way I was telling or presenting my story.

Relaxed with my new life aboard Anastasia, I started making plans about my travels, and the episodes to come. XPLORE Earth was one of the things I thought first, but that was meant mostly for travel in general. That is when I came up with the idea of creating a series specifically for my sailing videos. This was basically the first official episode of the series XPLORE Earth, Traveling With The Wind. I was planning on having one episode weekly at that time, but there was not much to show. I know that some people do enjoy watching the little things I do, but what I wanted to show them, was the amazing places I sail to. For now, here is a little of my day to day life aboard the sailboat.

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