The last three weeks have been a little crazy for me, as I had to finish editing a lot of videos I have filmed home in Romania for clients. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep up with my promise of having an episode every Thursday because of that as work comes first.

Any way I’m about $3000 low on the budget I need to actually finish the preparations, so I take advantage of any chance I get on making some extra money from my clients at home, since I’m not allowed to work in the US. But here I am with episode number eight of the series, and from now we are back to the normal weekly episodes.

One big thank you one more time to all of you supporting the adventure trough Patreon and PayPal, to Konstantin my neighbor and friend for always helping me out with the boat. Also a big thank you goes to my sister and my mom for all the help I’m getting from them, and not last… my amazing buddy Luciano Alexander from E-Motions films for supporting the series so much, and for the new GoPro gear and dinghy parts he purchased for me.

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