It took me a while to actually have the video exported and uploaded on You Tube….. thanks to the worst combination ever… an Acer laptop running on Windows that always gives you blue screen errors. And for the ones that will leave me comments telling me to buy a MAC computer…. trust me I would love to, but with those money I rather fix the boat and start sailing instead…. and deal with whatever I have…. even if I’m always late.

Any way….. welcome back to another episode from Traveling With The Wind…. thanks to my buddy Luciano who allowed me to use his computer to export and upload the video. Believe me….. it takes me about 10 hours to export a video on mine…. and usually I have to repeat that many times thanks to the blue screen error….. and it takes about ten minutes to export it on his computer.

I feel like laughing when I’m thinking about the difference. The good part…. it’s that the video is finally up…. and it’s a special one to me, as I have exactly one year since I moved aboard Anastasia, so I celebrated this with a weekend off, and a bicycle ride around South Beach… plus that I now have Romanian subtitles from my family and friends back in Romania.

I really hope you will enjoy it…. and starting from the next episode it will get little busy, as I will have lots of maintenance videos coming. Thank you for watching, and I’m wishing you all an amazing and relaxing weekend.

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