After seven months away from the sailboat, I was finally back aboard. Here is just a quick update after the first week or so. It’s been lots to do on the boat, fixing and cleaning. Electrical didn’t work well anymore either. That’s why you have this strange and roughly edited video. I was really sad to find her full of mold, dirty bottom, lots of things missing, especially after the entire duration of the contract on the cruise ship.

I sent money to different people to have someone taking care of her, but that never happened. After four months back aboard, running out of money, projects never ending, realizing that the deeper I was digging inside her, I found more and more things to replace. The wood had to be replaced entirely, the standing rigging, tiller, and the list never ended. So I started thinking what to do. Should I continue working on her, or sell her and buy another boat. She was my first boat so of course it was hard to leave her, so I decided to work one more contract on the cruise ship, make the money and fix her up.

Back aboard for about four months now, I didn’t had much luck on getting her ready for the first voyage. That was the point when I decided to leave her one more time and return aboard the cruise ship. I’ve seen Transeau for the last time, as I sadly sold her in the next months while I was away from her. I must thank my amazing neighbor Konstantin, for taking good care and keeping her safe before I sold her.

It was Thanksgiving day in 2016, the day when I decided to send a message to Konstantin’s wife. Looking for another sailboat, a seaworthy one, I asked her if she knows one for sale. They used to have a 1960″s Pearson Triton when they first came to the Miami Yacht Club. I always wanted one, and she sent me the good news telling me she is for sale. After we decided on the price and the way I will pay for the boat, I happy realized that I became the new owner of Anastasia. Here you have the second and sadly the last video while I was back aboard Transeau.

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