The last two three months aboard Anastasia in Miami, have been really hard for me, as you all already know from the “Captain’s Logs” I posted some while ago. After I got my bicycle stolen, then the GoPro camera, having nothing to film on… then the less and less money to prepare for the trip. At some point I decided that it’s too much and nearly wanted to give up, sail the boat and fly back to Romania, trying to start the adventure over there on a new boat.
But as always… my amazing family, Patreon and PayPal supporters didn’t let that happen and they changed the course of my adventure in the good direction. By the time you are watching this episode, I’m already in Cuba… still with lots of problems… especially on the financial part…. but the adventure started…. and I made my first leg of the journey. This would not be possible with ought you all. Thank You.

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