It’s been about eight months since I posted my last video on You Tube. For a good reason though, being away working hard on cruise ships, making the money for a new sailboat. From the last video posted, you already know that at some point I purchased a 1960’s Pearson Triton. One of the boats I always dreamed of having for a very long time. As a simple man, not needing much of a luxury aboard, or too much space, thinking that I planned on sailing solo most of the time, this was the perfect sailboat for me. If I could, I would try to explain the excitement I had at that time being on a new sailboat. Freshly returned to Miami, having a new sailboat, it was time to make new plans.
Instead of sailing to Puerto Rico, as I initially planned, I was now planning a bigger and exciting voyage. This was the point where I started thinking about the Sailing Anastasia project as well. Even though at the time I was not 100% sure I will do something about it. At first, I started the new series that we know today as XPLORE Earth, Traveling With The Wind. Since I was away from the boat and the marina for such a long time, I didn’t posted any new video. Aboard a new sailboat, I decided to make this video and share the news with my viewers, telling them a little about Anastasia. Here is a very short video update, trying to share everything that happened in the past few months.

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