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I decided to add this video to the Blog as well, simply because it’s a very special one to me. I filmed this back in 2011, and it was also my very first project filmed on a DSLR camera at that time. The reason I love it so much, besides that Camogli it’s such a beautiful place to visit, and I highly recommend you to do that if you are ever in Italy… But this was a moment when my dreams of having a sailboat was on a really high peak. I remember I was looking at the sea together with my sister and my amazing brother in law, telling her that one day I will come visit them… but not on land, but on the sea aboard my sailboat.

Who knew that years later that will actually happen ? Even though I’m still far from Europe and I don’t think my boat will be ready to cross the Atlantic before the hurricanes start… I know for sure that it will happen. And here is one moment when I was dreaming of it… to find out years later that it was a dream come true. And the funny part is that now they are actually waiting for me to cross the Atlantic so they can come see me and the boat in Camogli of course. I hope you enjoy the little video… and I’m sorry but at that time I was not so good doing voice overs so, it’s simply music in the background.

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