Discover Italia – Camogli

I decided to add this video to the Blog as well, simply because it’s a very special one to me. I filmed this back in 2011, and it was also my very first project filmed on a DSLR camera at that time. The reason I love it so much, besides that Camogli it’s such a beautiful place to visit, and I highly recommend you to do that if you are ever in … Read More

Exploring Lake Sfanta Ana

Lake Sfanta Ana it’s situated in Harghita County – Transylvania. Since I posted a little DSLR Photo Gallery, I thought I should write a short article and tell a little more about this amazing place. Lake Sfanta Ana it’s the only volcanic lake from Romania, created on the crater of the volcano named Ciomatu Mare. The lake has some beautiful old legends about where it’s name comes from.