Jimmy Cornell, A Sailing Legend

When I was little and I was reading about sailing, I discovered a legend that with his sailing adventures around the world managed to cultivate inside my heart the love for sailing. At that time when I first heard about him from other stories, I didn’t know he is also Romanian. Later on when internet world evolved and the information was easier to find I read more about him. On his real … Read More

Around The World, With Laura Dekker

One of the most inspiring sailor of our days is Laura Dekker. You can visit her website to find out more about her. When I purchased my first sailboat, it was thanks to another sailor. But Laura Dekker made me take my dreams to a different level. I decided to write here about her, because I realized that not so many sailors know her story or her Documentary Film. When I purchased … Read More

Dave Welsford And Lizzy Belle

One of the most inspiring stories for me came from Dave Welsford, and his beautiful wooden sailboat Lizzy Belle. I found the little documentary on Vimeo, and it was so inspiring, that made me buy my very first sailboat. If you ever plan on living aboard your boat and cruise, but you can’t decide, I recommend you watch it. How can you not fall in love with Lizzy Belle ? Such a … Read More