How I Bought Anastasia And Started The Adventure

After living aboard Transeau, my very first sailboat for nearly an year, I decided to sell her and think about my future plans. At that time I returned to my job on the cruise ship, wondering about what to do with my future plans. I had a point when I was seriously thinking about returning back on land in Romania and reopen my video production business.

It was Thanksgiving day in 2016 and I was out on deck having my morning coffee looking out at the ocean, thinking that there is no way for me to stay away from the ocean and sailboats. So I started thinking about what sailboat would I buy if I was to sail around the world. I had in my mind that I want a full keel, nothing bigger than 34 feet, and an inboard Diesel.

So I decided to text Elena and Konstantin, my neighbors at the marina where I used to have Transeau, asking if they know any cheap sailboat for sale. The answer was yes and it came really quick. The sailboat for sale was Anastasia, their first sailboat. She is a Pearson Triton built in 1960, well maintained and in good conditions.

They were selling me the sailboat for $6000 and I could also pay her in the four months I had left aboard the ship. Of course my answer came right away telling them that “I guess I just got my self a new sailboat“. It’s funny that I’ve always wanted a Pearson Triton as I really love the design, and I still couldn’t believe that I finally own one. And this is how it all started.

Pearson Triton 28 ( Sail Plan )

Pearon Triton 28 Specifications

LOA: 28′ 4″
LWL: 20′ 6″
Beam: 8′ 3″
Draft: 4′ 3″
Displacement: 8,400 lbs. ( approx )
Ballast: 3,019 lbs.
Sail Area: 400 sq.ft.
Fuel ( Custom Tank ): 20 US Gal.
Water ( Custom Tank ): 30 US Gal.
Engine: 16 hp Yanmar 2GM20
( Originally she had a 25 hp Universal Atomic 4 engine )

Designer: Carl Alberg
Builder: Pearson Corporation/Aeromarine Plastics/Jouet
Year: 1960

Pearson Triton ( Interior Plan )