Am I Giving Up ?

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I know many of you asked your self this question. Trust me I did too for the past month and a half. Why ? …. Well let me see where can I start from. First of all, you all know I am just a tourist in US, so I can’t work and make money like the other sailors based here do. The only thing I can do it’s to edit videos for a friend back in Romania, and that is how I survive. But that only when there are videos to edit. And it happened that lately it was quiet and I basically had no income at all. That wouldn’t be as bad as I usually keep some budget for this situations. My issue that as you could tell from my past episodes I seriously started to work on the boat. So what did I do ? Of course… I spent all I had in that and it was not long until I run out of money.

Trust me, when you run out of food money, things go totally wrong every single day, you know you have to leave but you can’t get the boat ready… and you don’t see any way out of this… for me the best solution was to actually sell the boat, go back to Romania, buy another boat and start all over again. And after my bicycle got stolen too, then the GoPro ( no more videos )… I got so mad and I was so disappointed that I put the boat for sale right away thinking that… “That’s it, I’m out of this place“. Well that didn’t lasted too long, because two – three days later while out shopping for some food… reading the offers I was getting for my boat in email… on the way back for some reason I just started crying just like a little kid. Thank God it was night and no one could see me…. but I just couldn’t control my self to stop.

Of course I couldn’t because I really love this boat, I really love this adventure of a lifetime that I’ve been dreaming for since I was a kid. How I will give up on all of this when only I know how much i suffered and struggled to make this happen for the past three years of my life ? I give up on so many things in this three years, there is no way to end this. So of course I won’t… as as soon as I got back to the boat, I removed the add and decided. I have one month to leave… I will be on my way at the end of May. Three weeks of video editing to make my budget, and a week worth of boat preparations and getting food supplies. But no matter in what condition the boat will be… I’m leaving US ( with the boat ) no matter what. I know some of you will ask why all this rush ? Well I wish i could stay longer but unfortunately because of my tourist visa I can’t stay longer, and I can’t come back to soon either.

A big thank you goes to all of you watching my videos, following me all over social media… a special thank you to my Patrons and those that support me on PayPal… and of course a big thank you to my family back in Europe for all their support… and my amazing and special friends here in Miami, because I would not be able to survive here with ought all their help and support. The real adventure is about to begin. Stick around !

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