Inspired by one of my favorite magazines, National Geographic, I decided to create a project, where I can present the world as I see it trough my eyes and lens. Traveling With The Wind is a website that came from an older project idea I had, a web based travel series called Discover Transylvania. This time, I will try to discover the entire world, trough my films and photos. Everything comes from the passion for nature, wildlife and oceans… our treasures.
Concentrating mostly on sailing, travel and adventure films, as well as photography, this website it’s more about telling stories trough the series Traveling With The Wind. I’m hoping to inspire other people, especially the young generation, to step out and dare to explore. The world we live in, is waiting to be discovered. A collection of photos, sailing, travel and adventure films created and offered to you by Ciprian Popica.


When I first purchased Transeau, I decided to open the You Tube Channel simply because I wanted to share my videos with my friends and family back in Romania. So when I traveled out of Miami to pick up the sailboat, I had an idea of filming a video for them, but instead of having them watching it, I ended up with way more viewers that I was expecting. I made a blog, and then another one, I renamed the series a few times, simply because I didn’t know where exactly I’m going with my life.

I nearly quit everything a few times because it was too hard for me living aboard a small sailboat far away from home. Also there was the point when I was trying to build a family and I decided to give up my sailing dreams in order to do that. Life it’s always full of pleasant surprises too, not only bad ones. And the day I decided to purchase Anastasia was a moment when everything started to make sense. That was the time when I decided to quit my job entirely, move on the sailboat for good, and start preparing for the big adventure sailing around the world.

A dream that I had for nearly my entire life was now taking contour into something as real as possible. Because I had more and more people writing to me, pushing me forward with their messages ( Thank You All for that ), I thought I should present the entire adventure with a brand new website, and I was also trying to decide on a final name of the series. I tried Sailing Anastasia, I tried Xplore Earth… and others I can’t even remember now, but I wasn’t happy all the way.

Until the day I woke up and told my self, “this is it…. now it makes sense“. Traveling With The Wind, a long name you would say, but it all makes sense to me and the ideas I have in my mind for the future videos. That was the time when I decided to build this website, and prepare the You Tube Channel and the social media accounts for what’s about to come. Videos with a beautiful story, simple as I am as well, about the simple but happy life aboard a sailboat. With the videos I create, I’m trying to share my dream and hopefully inspire my viewers to do the same.

Ciprian Popica - Xplore Earth


I’m a filmmaker and photographer born in a little Transylvanian village named Marcus, about 25km away from BrasovRomania, with a special passion and respect for the ocean, nature and wildlife. The passion and love for the nature and wildlife came in my early childhood. I was spending a lot of time playing in the forest while living with my grandparents. The respect for the forest and the wild animals came from my grandfather’s life stories.

Having a special attraction for photography and films, I spend a lot of time in nature practicing my photography skills. From here it was just one step until I started making little trips in the forest or the mountains, trying to capture the amazing views. The passion for the ocean came a few years after that, when I made my first visit to the Black Sea. After that, I never stopped wishing for a boat to sail the blue waters, in my quest to discover new places, cultures and people.

Thanks to my job, I traveled a lot, but I never had the time to explore every place as I wished to. That was the time when I had my first thoughts of traveling the world either on land with a camping bus, or at sea with a sailboat. And so it happened in 2015, when mostly by mistake I ended up buying my first sailboat, the beginning of an adventure called now Traveling With The Wind.
A series of sailing adventures films, that I started on You Tube.