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Let’s start this in a funny way….

So basically, this is a video update to my last video update ( smiles ). Since in the last video I spoke about the really bad times I had lately, and about the fact that I wanted to sell Anastasia and start over with the adventure from Romania… Later on I decided that I can’t do this as I really love the boat and I really want to make it happen with this boat. We’ve been trough a lot together and I have big plans for her, not so easy to say good bye just yet.

So I also decided that I will sail from US to Bimini at the end of the month, as I do have to leave US not to go over my visa time in here. On social media I was also talking about crossing the Atlantic to Europe…. and here is where a little confusion came, as some people too things a little wrong…. and I just wanted to do a quick update and inform everyone about what’s going on actually, as well as Thank so much to every one of you that messaged me after the last video, or commented anywhere on social media as well.

Wishing you all an amazing week…. I’m off to finish my computer work now 🙂 Cheers everyone.

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